Here we are again at the end of another week in Wanaka – the last week of training before the Level 1 exams next week.

Last weekend started with heavy rain in Wanaka and Cardona closed due to heavy snow and strong winds.  A do-nothing-day was most welcome – the night before had been Jug Fine Friday while the night ahead was the Traffic Light party – people wear a colour based on whether they are on the pull!  Green = available; red = attached; orange = could be persuaded.  Needless to say, most SnowSkoolers went dressed in vibrant green.

Come Sunday, the heavy rain continued and Cardies remained closed.  Hoping for epic powder on Monday, the students amused themselves around town.  Chris and Freddie went fishing but the only thing Freddie caught was himself when he embedded a 3-pronged hook in his finger!!!  You’ll be pleased to hear we left the photo out of the slideshow.  Freddie had to hot-foot it to the medical centre to get the hook removed.  Many went to the cinema to see “Toy Story 3” which proved very popular and in the evening we went to Finchy’s for dinner.  Most had an early night in anticipation of the 30 cm of freshies rumoured to be awaiting us on Monday.

Cardies did re-open with the hoped-for freshies BUT zero visibility made it a very challenging morning.  Winds were still strong so only McDougall’s was operating for the first few hours.  Most spent the morning in the classroom until the rest of the mountain opened up.  Unfortunately, rain turned the fresh snow into slush and on top of this disappointment Dave injured his knee and was told to take 3 days off.  The group was cheered a little by a yummy meal at The Venue on the way home before heading to their college session.

While Tuesday dawned sunny, the slushy snow had frozen over night and left the mountain with 30cm of fresh concrete!  More challenging conditions for the students but it all added to their skills and experience. With the Level 1s looming, all groups worked on teaching and demos and that night headed down to HQ for a game of killer pool, which Matt won.

The snow softened up again so better conditions lay in wait for Freestyle Wednesday.  With a Volkl Competition coming up next weekend, the pros arrived to start practicing, which made for great viewing as they pulled off amazing tricks in the park all day. That night some of the guys went to Bullock Bar for quiz night while the girls headed to Base for a ladies’ night of retail therapy, managing to come away with lots of free goodies and some great advice on gear.

On Thursday, Dave returned to Skool to join in more work on Level 1 skills and teaching demos.  Unfortunately Yours Truly was the next patient at the medical centre with a potentially broken wrist after a fall on the hill. That evening the skiers had some homework to complete and the boarders caught up on some reading from their manuals.

Friday 6 August was Jake’s 18th and the last day of training before the exams. The trainers made it a fun day with lots of skiing and boarding, to take minds off the exams. It wasn’t a good day for Andrew though as he broke his wrist and won’t be able to sit his exams with the others – he’ll wait to sit his Level 1 a week before the L2. There was much celebration for Jake’s birthday on Friday night, leaving plenty of time for recovery before the L1s start on Monday.

Click HERE for more pix of what we’ve been up to.  And join us on a tour of the beautiful town of Wanaka and see our beautiful surrounds.  Thanks again to Kirk and Marcus for sharing some of their great shots.

Until next week!


  1. JB says:

    Where are all the skiers?
    Just too fast to be caught on camera!!

  2. snowskool says:

    Skiers were in all the photos last week! Take it in turns…!

    Good luck with your L1s this week everyone! Fingers tightly crossed over here.

    Cheers for now, Phil

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