My SnowSkool Scholarship in Banff by Shauna Rigby – Week Six

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Course Diaries

Here we are again with another fantastic week in Banff!   Week 6 has been one of the most enjoyable weeks so far.   We gathered back on the mountain on Tuesday to commence our Level 2 training.   We were put into random groups and this week, I had Chris as my instructor and in my group were Matt, Jake, Adam, Tom, Mel and Mike.   It was such a fun group!   There had been a huge dump of snow overnight so Chris let us do lots of powder skiing all day.   Our race coach course is coming up soon so we focused a bit on carving and slalom turns – a mix of free skiing and going fast was the best way to spend the day!  After the long day I was so tired I decided to just relax and watch a movie.

Wednesday was great too with snow dumping down ALL day.  We started by going to the ODD cabin and watching a video about how to tune skis.  It had been made by legendary instructor Doug and I have never seen something so funny! During the video Bode Millar ‘called’ Doug to ask him for a race tune.   Absolutely hilarious.   After the video Chris took us tree skiing and we played the game Cat and Mouse where someone has to follow the other person right on their ski tails through the trees.   It was so much fun watching everyone falling over in the powder and nearly losing control.    Mike had a moment of life and death after following Adam down a run!  Tom Kershaw had a nice face plant into the powder and lost his skis, meanwhile I was chasing Matt Halidu down the mountain.  After lunch Chris took us to the terrain park and we worked on stance and balance while doing tricks.  He taught us how to do 180’s and land them perfectly.  I was exhausted after two days of fun but hard skiing.   However, I had to suck it up and keep skiing because the weeklyNorquay races were on again.  We had one new SnowSkooler, James, join our race crew, and the course was a lot tighter than usual.   A few of us had some trouble getting around the gates but it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits!  It was a whole lot of fun and everyone was smiling by the end.

Thursday was freezing but the visibility was a great deal better than Wednesday, which made the cold bearable!  Chris had us working on our speed control when doing slalom turns and our morning lasted a lot longer than usual because we were all having such a good time skiing.  The snow was just so nice! We went back to the terrain park after lunch to see if what we learnt yesterday stuck!  And with the run Goat’s Eye in perfect condition for carving and going fast, Chris said we would have a tucking race!  Everyone lined up next to each other and we all had to tuck down to where Chris was standing.  It built up a lot of confidence for everyone and we all got used to going fast, which is going to help with our race coaching course.  It was a very tiring day and as soon as I got home I went to sleep to regain my energy.

The morning of Friday was a chilly one but luckily, the sun was out and the skies were blue to make up for it.  We went over to Wa Wa for a day of slalom training.  One of the coaches had set up a course with brushes and stubbies for us to use.  It was just like a real course but without the big gates.  No one had really done a course before so it was good fun to watch everyone enjoy it and rip it up!  Chris got us playing Cat and Mouse down the course so we had to try and catch the skier in front.  There was a “Mission Impossible” course set up as well – this was a course with brushes set up in a straight line down the hill but the width between each brush got shorter and shorter as the course went on.  No one could finish it properly, hence its name!

Once the day was over all SnowSkoolers got their paint on for a fun night in the Storm Cellar.  With the theme ‘Full Moon Party’, we were all dressed in shorts and singlets, with UV paint supplied so we glowed all night.  It was such a fun night – the perfect way to end the best week so far.


For more information on future scholarship programmes, click HERE


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