My SnowSkool Scholarship in Banff by Shauna Rigby – Week Seven

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Course Diaries

Week 7 in Banff – but it was hardly a full week as the freezing temperatures limited our activities!

We started off Monday morning by splitting into groups according to who wanted to work on training for their race coach course and those who wanted to focus on their Level 2 course. I got Chris as my coach again this week. The morning was spent doing lots of intermediate parallel turns and slalom turns. The snow was pretty good so Chris took us through the trees a bit as well to mix it up and make it more enjoyable. I left at lunchtime feeling unwell and I went back to the hostel.  I had a long nap which helped a lot but even so, I wasn’t up for playing soccer that night but I heard it was one big game!

On Tuesday, Chris took us to the terrain park for a couple of runs. We worked all our excitement out of the way so we could give our full attention to short turns. We skied down the run Divide which proved quite a challenge. After lunch, Chris did some video analysis of us doing three different types of turns and because it was quite cold, we went inside for and watched the videos of us all. It really helps when you can see what you need to improve on!

Wednesday was FREEZING cold at -27 degrees C! We only managed to do a few runs before heading inside to warm up. We went back out and did some one-ski skiing for a while but this drill did not keep us any warmer so Chris just let us go to lunch earlier than usual. The food was warm and yummy as always but the temperature outside got even cooler so we decided to head to the ODD cabin to watch some World Cup DVDs and talk to Casey, a Level 4 ski and race coach, about our race coach course next week. He is extremely experienced so it was really helpful chatting to him. Despite the cold weather, however, the night racing in Norquay went ahead as usual – Fraser and I were the only ones who went up because the others had injuries or couldn’t bear the cold! This week, it was slalom. The course was good but quite a few gates were snapped by those extra fast men! It was hard racing slalom without my proper slalom skis but I managed to make it down safely.

The rest of the week was very quiet because the lifts couldn’t open due to the low temps of -35 degrees C.  I spent Thursday and Friday in the hostel catching up on my washing and emails but Friday night was a great deal of fun! Most SnowSkoolers caught a bus into Calgary to watch the ice hockey match, Flames vs Sharks! The traffic was really bad though so we missed the first 20 mins of the game which included 1 goal and a fight! After getting off the bus and walking the rest of the way, we finally made it to the arena. It was huge! The place was packed with Calgary Flames supporters. I think I saw a maximum of seven Shark supporters the whole time. I had never been to an ice hockey match before, and wow, was it an experience! I think there were more fights between the fans than there were on the ice but it didn’t make the game any less exciting! It was a disappointing end to the night though when the Sharks won the penalty shoot out. However, it didn’t dampen anyone’s mood and we were all very lively on the bus trip home.

I had a great time this week despite the cold! I can’t believe we are almost finished with the trip. Only a few more weeks left and then I will be heading back to Australia. Level 2 is starting to kick in so everyone is going to be a lot more focused in the coming weeks!

Ciao for now from Banff


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