My SnowSkool Scholarship in Banff by Shauna Rigby – Week Nine

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Course Diaries

Week 9 in Banff saw an intense week of training in preparation for our Level 2 exams after an enjoyable week resting up.  Monday morning was really nice – the sun was out with the occasional flurry of snowflakes and the temperature was above -10oC. for once!  We got to pick our own groups for a change and then the instructors had the chance to choose who they wanted to ski with. My group was a great deal of fun with Barbie, Connor, Matt Halidu and Pete. Small in number but hilarious!  Chris chose us as his group to instruct for the week – we had the best time cracking jokes all day, especially Mr Halidu with his great sense of humour. We practiced our intermediate parallel turns and skied through bumps. Chris has a habit of making us do speiss turns, where we have to stand still and jump from left to right down the hill – it’s the most tiring and uncoordinated thing to do but nonetheless we saw a great improvement in everyone’s jumps by the end.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were spent practising our teaching, skiing short turns, bumps, snow ploughing and intermediate parallels. On Tuesday night I went to the waterslides with Kirstin and enjoyed relaxing in the hot tub for the first time on this trip. It was so much fun going down the slides and by the end we had the biggest smiles on our faces. Wednesday afternoon was a new experience for everyone – the ice wall at the hostel!  It takes some time for the ice to build up on the frame so it’s strong enough and when it is, they open it up for people to use. This time we had pro-climbers come specially to show we SnowSkoolers how to do it and introduce us to something none of us thought we would ever do in our life. Two people were able to climb at once which made it a lot of fun. Goggles were a must due to the amount of ice that some people were kicking off! I had a great deal of fun especially considering I’m not a big fan of heights! My arms were killing by the end but it was definitely worth it.

Friday brought the fresh tracks to the mountain!! Our instructors decided to let us have a powder day full of free skiing through the trees and exploring the mountain for drops and jumps. It was awesome! The temperature was 2oC – above zero for the first time this season, which was such a good change. Our group had a great day with Chris and it was the best way to end a long week. Once everyone was back at the hostel and had eaten dinner, our superhero costumes came out for the themed karaoke night in the Storm Cellar and there certainly were some creative ideas between us all! The Cellar was packed and karaoke went off – everyone got up there at some point during the night which made the atmosphere great fun.

That was it for the week. Next week will be our last week of training with the SnowSkool instructors before Level 2 exams commence. Fingers crossed for everyone going for their Level 2!

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